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Nijdra again wins the bronze Ecovadis medal


Nijdra again wins the bronze Ecovadis medal

EcoVadis assesses companies on their sustainability performance, using 21 indicators spread over four themes. These themes are: environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing. The company's CO2 emissions are also zoomed in on. Companies are then given a score on a scale of 0 to 100, with a higher score indicating a better performing company.

EcoVadis' methodology is based on, among others, the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact and the ISO 26000 standard.

EcoVadis helps Nijdra Group manage risk and compliance, meet sustainability goals and drive impact at scale by guiding the improvement of sustainability performance of Nijdra Group and its value chain. In addition, Ecovadis makes it possible to compare company performance in the field of sustainability. Companies (read: Nijdra Group customers) can share their scorecard with each other.

Joeri Prince, quality manager Nijdra Group says: “Sustainability is increasingly requested by customers. In addition to EcoVadis, we notice this from similar questionnaires from our (international) customers. By achieving the bronze medal, Nijdra Group is at the forefront. Compared to last time, Nijdra Group has achieved an increased score. Nijdra Group scores particularly well due to the recent investment in solar panels on the roofs of all its branches!”