Optomechatronische instelmodule

Optomechatronic adjustment module for a new medical precision microscope


Optomechatronic adjustment module for a new medical precision microscope

Nijdra Group has been working together with the German engineering firm B&W Engineering und Datensysteme GmbH since 2020. The aim of this partnership is to offer clients a complete package of services: from product development, to production and logistics. Recently, B&W asked Nijdra to help develop a new medical calibration system.

Dennis van Dijk, Nijdra Group General Manager explains: “We were involved straight away during the concept stage. B&W asked us to help develop a calibration system/optomechatronic adjustment module for a new medical precision microscope. B&W was responsible for the complete engineering, but our co-engineers were there to advise on the manufacturing complexity of components as well as their assembly. The engineers were in direct contact with our technical centre and our machine operator was available to assist with specific aspects. This was particularly helpful for the most critical part, the casing.”

“Assembly also poses considerable challenges. The most important part is the adjustable mirror which must remain in the correct position after calibration,” adds co-engineer Ton ten Bosch. “After jointly developing the prototypes, the client came here so we could assemble the module together. We have developed special tooling for building prototypes and we give advice. After assembly we evaluated the procedure and made suggestions to the client for additional improvements.”

B&W are delighted with our approach and have been very complimentary: “You did a splendid job assembling the prototypes and I want to thank you all for your efforts and the high-quality work delivered in a short period of time!”